Exmouth Craft Fairs
Well just what do we do?
We offer you "quality craft products for sale in a fun, lighthearted and friendly
environment" - come and try us - it's a great change from the High Street!
"I did not realise the quality of the crafts"
"Wow -
this in Exmouth!"
"This is one of the best Craft Fairs I have come across - and free entry - that's good value for money"
will be back"
"The quality of the work is quite outstanding - this is one of the best and most varied craft fairs I have ever
attended. Well done"
"You are most talented - I love your work"
"I never knew that this fair was on in Exmouth - great work"
"What a wonderful fair - we came back this year to buy a cheese board we wished we had bought last year "
"I must congratulate you - this is the best Craft Fair I have ever visited"