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  • It is the policy of Exmouth Craft Fairs to decline an application from any applicant whose work is not considered to be of an acceptable standard or
    conflicts with the Terms & Conditions
  • Except in extreme circumstances Exmouth Craft Fairs will not accept more than 3 applications of the same craft for any given fair
  1. Bookings will only be secure when Exmouth Craft Fairs has received and acknowledged the booking form paperwork and payment.         
  2. Payment must be made in full for the first fair and a deposit made for subsequent bookings when returning the booking form.  At their first fair the Exhibitor
    must pay the balance payment for their 2nd fair.  This process will continue for subsequent fairs.  Short notice bookings or any booking outside of this
    method will incur a £5 surcharge.  
  3. To qualify for the Christmas Fairs in November and December Exhibitors must have attended at least 4 other fairs during the year.
  4. In the event of a cancellation by the Exhibitor Exmouth Craft Fairs reserves the right to retain any deposit or booking fees made.  As a guide
  • a cancellation will forfeit any monies paid
  • an amendment or switch of date up to 7 days prior to a fair will be accepted without penalty
  • an amendment within 7 days of a fair will forfeit the deposit   
  1. Stand space is let to the exhibitor stated when making the booking and must not be sub-let to any other party.
  2. All Exhibitors must be set up by 09.45 on the Day of the fair and cleared away by 17.30, however no stall may be cleared before 16.00 without permission of
    Exmouth Craft Fairs.
  3. Exhibitors must ensure that none of their display equipment extends beyond the space they have booked, this includes any rails, stands or additional
    equipment they may bring in addition to the tables provided.  
  4. Exhibitors must maintain an adequate shared access with their neighbours.  
  5. Additional space for a rail or card table is subject to space being available on the day.  Please indicate this on your booking form.
  6. All tables must be suitably covered to ground level.
  7. The only goods permitted for sale will be those stated on the Booking Form.   Exmouth Craft Fairs reserve the right to ask for the removal of any items not so
  8. Exmouth Craft Fairs and Exmouth Pavilion are not responsible for Exhibitors property whilst attending the fair.
  9. Exhibitors are responsible for any and all damage or injury to persons or property occasioned by any of their exhibits, any act or omission by them or their
    servants, agent or contractors.  Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless Exmouth Craft Fairs and Exmouth Pavilion in respect of all liabilities,
    proceedings, damages, cost demands and expenses brought or made against or incurred by Exmouth Craft Fairs, in relation to or arising from any acts or
    omissions of the Exhibitor.  Exhibitors are responsible for arranging their own Public Liability Insurance and Emoloyers Liability Insurance.
  10. In the event of the cancellation, abandonment, limitation or postponement of any fair organised by Exmouth Craft Fairs, including interruption or cessation of
    power supply, there will be no claim against Exmouth Craft Fairs.  Exmouth Craft Fairs cannot be held responsible for loss of earnings as a result of any of
    these circumstances nor any other action by any third party beyond their control.
  11. Exhibitors must comply with all requirements of The Local Environmental Health Authority, The Local Authority, The Police and the Fire Service.
  12. The Exhibitor must predominantly make all items offered for sale.
  13. Exhibitors must remove from Exmouth Pavilion all rubbish, wrapping and waste at the end of the fair.
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