For 2018 charges could remain at the 2010 levels – a 6ft Table @ £22 and a 12ft Table @ £35
BUT only if you book 5 or more Sundays – this means that most of my exhibitors will pay the same
amount as last year - 2017 (or even 2010!!).  
The full amount is payable for the first fair with the booking form. A deposit of £5 (non returnable) is
required for each subsequent fair booked. You need to at least 5. At your first fair you then pay the
balance for the next one booked. This is repeated at all subsequent fairs, so each fair is paid for in
Christmas Fairs
For the November and December Christmas Fairs (shown in red on Booking Form) I require at least 3
previous fairs to have been paid for and
attended in the year in order to make a reservation.

Less than 5 Fairs
So if you do not want to do 5 fairs?
Fine but the price is £25 for a 6ft table and £40 for a 12ft table.

Only want to do November and December fairs?
Fine also but there is a £5 premium - so a 6ft table = £30 and a 12Ft table = £45

Yes they exist - but atract the
Less than 5 Fairs rate plus a £5 premium.

I hope everyone understands - I look after my long term customers who have supported me
on wet Sundays in March, April or May - they have built this craft fair to ensure that
Christmas Fairs happen!!
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