Exhibitors and Links
I am Rob Longhurst and I run the fairs.  I am committed to providing "quality craft
products for sale in a fun, lighthearted and friendly environment".
I can accommodate up to 54 six foot tables but prefer to operate at slightly less.

I have a range of stall holders artists, jewellers, woodturners, card makers, soft toys,
teddy bears etc. etc.  I welcome new crafters - so go to "Contact Us" to request more
information - make sure that you advise what craft you do.  

I am committed to keeping repetition down and as a rule I do not have more than 3
exhibitors of a similar craft.  I prefer less and aim to offer our exhibitors a fair deal
and our public maximum choice.
   Currently I am FULL for jewellers and carders - I
also have an abundance of sewers and knitters. Not a coal carver or a florist in sight!
Exmouth Craft Fairs
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Exmouth Craft Fairs